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Our Mission is to enhance performance and improve productivity of organizations and  individuals through Consultation, Training, and Coaching.

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 Our Mission is to enhance  performance and improve  productivity of  organizations and  individuals through  Consultation, Training,  and Coaching.
Assessment: Organizational Effectiveness 
Innovative Leadership of the Delaware Valley

Innovative has several Organizational Assessments that can be customized for your specific needs.Below is a small selection:

The Sales Achiever The Sales Achiever has been specifically customized for sales applications. The Sales Achiever is a questionnaire designed to be completed by an individual to derive a numerical score in six Mental Aptitudes and ten Personality Dimensions. It is then possible to compare and contract the individual''s scores to people who are successful in
sales in other organizations and your sales objectives

The report gives you:

  • The narrative segment, which explains each aptitude and personality dimension that is being assessed in the report and how the individual has scored in each compared to the sales job.
  • A pictorial analysis comparing the individual’s actual scores to the desirable benchmarks for the job. These benchmarks may be derived for an individual company based on their own successful people in
    the job, based on the job description, or the person can be assessed against Candidate Resources data
    base of people who are successful in those jobs.
  •  Sales Analysis identifying the persons strongest areas and areas the person could benefit from developing in, based on the following five elements of selling:
           1. Developing rapport
           2. Identifying a need or desire
           3. Presenting the product/service to fill prospect’s needs
           4. Dealing with objections
           5. Closing the sale
  • Personal Development Plan compiled as a result to the aptitudes and traits required in the job to successfully perform the job and an identify of those actions the individual can take, on a daily basis, books they can read, etc., to become stronger in the overall job itself.
  • Behavioral interview questions that can be asked in a secondary interview process which are created as a result of the comparison of the individual to the requirements of the job.
  • In addition, responses are given that the interviewer might look for from the person in relationship to the person’s linkage or non-linkage to the job.

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Organizational Needs Inventory (ONI) The ONI is a work-smart tool that is unbiased, confidential, and provides a comprehensive diagnosis of an organization. It surveys your employees in regards to three critical areas: Organizational Structure, Leadership Style, and Organizational Culture.

You will be able to plan for the future with a clear sense of direction and purpose while engaging your employees to fully participate in the entire process. They will gain ownership in this process and an understanding of where the company is going in the future. More Info

- Provides a benchmark that will enable you to measure changes over time
- Provides a vehicle for “positive feedback” resulting in employee engagement
- Helps connect the employee with the business strategy of the company
- Provides the employee with a clearer picture of the future

“We used the ONI to define exactly where we were at this point in time so we could formulate our organizational and people development plans.” – David Rush, Chairman of the Board, Surety Title.

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